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Welcome to a Strong Ontario Athletic Therapy Community

Celebrating 50th Anniversary

The OATA is pleased to open registration for 2024 Membership with new options, new opportunities, new benefits and new Member services.

Let’s start with thanking you for your past Membership and welcoming you to another year distinguished by enhanced advocacy and support for the AT profession in Ontario.

Once again there is no fee increase.

Once again there is the opportunity to pay in instalments before the December 31 Midnight deadline.

What's New? Lots!

Thanks to all who participated in the OATA Membership Survey we received some excellent feedback and input to Member priorities.

As a result of the Membership’s ratification of the new By-Laws there is additional choice in Membership thanks to new Member Categories.

What's Back? The AT-PLI but NOT Mandatory

The majority of respondents said they approved of the group malpractice insurance, saw value in the HUB-Trisura coverage, just wanted it to be optional not mandatory.

Okay, it’s back and it’s not mandatory.  Members are invited to participate again in this first malpractice insurance plan specifically created for Ontario Athletic Therapists.  

No increase in cost of the plan. Plan agains covers Atheltic Therapy plus the regular Member-requested modalities including massage, cupping, hotstones, at no additional charge.

The additional million dollars in coverage required by RMT is again offered at only $50 more. The Malpractice Insurance Plan is also available to Candidates at a low cost.


The OATA response to the coronavirus pandemic, including a two-year return to “normal” plan over 2022 and 2023, was distinguished by:

  • No membership fee increase despite rising costs in a slowing economy;
  • A first-in-kind Ontario AT-specific malpractice insurance group plan and a considerable discount;
  • A refreshed OATA website, new branding, new digital ad series, new social media based on enhancing awareness of role of AT in health care themed monthly promos;
  • A first-ever Athletic Therapy online learning academy with access to discounted or free e-learning from some significant sources of quality and qualified AT-relevant continuing education;
  • New relationship and role for Athletic Therapists as Safe Sport Ambassadors aligned with required training for any teams receiving federal and provincial funding;
  • Implementation of the OATA’s  phased succession plan reinvigorating the Board leadership with a new cadre of young AT practitioners; and,
  • On-going advocacy again focused on achieving statutory regulation for Athletic Therapists building proof of competency and skills with a first ever Athletic Therapy Practice Analysis conducted by global accreditation leader SCANTRON.


Watch for the FOCUS ON NEXT initiatives ready to share for 2024-2025.   

Much of the new plan activities and initiatives are focused on advocacy and digital transformation including a 2024 new FIND AN AT Search function linked to Member digital profiles enhanced with SEO.

Watch for announcement post-renewal on a new Association Mobile App that will keep us at your finger tips.

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Athletic Therapy Ontario


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